Sunday, August 25, 2013

8 things I'm excited about for fall

Since we are all soooooooo over summer, I've been spending some much needed time day dreaming about fall...and can I tell ya that i'm super excited! It's been one of my feel good moments of the week.  Here's my top 8 of what I'm excited about for fall!

1. Call me the beanie girl! I have them in every color.  Some are thick and some are quilted and I also have turban style beanies.  I just love them.
2.  I can't wait until the pumpkin spice syrup returns to Starbucks.  There's just something about the smell and taste of pumpkin that say welcome fall!
3.  I absolutely love these boots from Steve Madden.  They are originally $170.00, but I found them at Marshalls for $50.00.  I love a great deal!
4.  The Leather T-shirt.  I got mine from the NSale at Nordstrom.  That sale was amazing!
5.  Soups.....They just make you feel so warm inside and out.
6.  Cardigans and Ponchos.  I have some really amazing ones this season and I'm stoked to style them:)!
7.  Scarves.  They are the one piece that can bring your layers together.
8. WATER! Even though it will get cooler, we have to remember to stay hydrated!  Stay hydrated in style with Ice Mountain Water! They have some amazing new flavors of water. 

What are you excited about? Leave your comments below XOXO
7 things i'm excited about for fall
7 things i'm excited about for fall by christiadeshields featuring a black cape
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