Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing Sweet Potato Nachos Recipe

Hey guys! So I tried this Loaded Paleo Nachos recipe from Lexi's Clean Kitchen and it was fantastic! My husband and I are huge foodies and because of that we try to find healthy alternatives.  We've been eating clean for a few years now and we're still amazed at the amazing recipes that we come across and also make up.  Speaking of making up a recipe, I made up our dessert.  I didn't measure anything but it turned out great and it's healthy.  I basically combined 3 ripe bananas, honey, flaxseed mill, oatmeal and vanilla extract and baked it.  It's like gluten free banana bread in a pie pan. It's super DELISH.  Next time I make it I will definitely measure.  Finally we topped off our meal with some cold Ice Mountain Water! NOM NOM NOM


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