Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kenny's promo video for the Real Love Project

Date: Tuesday January 15, 2012
Time: around 11 am
Place: the Mudd House on Cherokee Street (amazing place I might add! Great food, great prices and beautiful atmosphere) shop local!:)
Videographer: The amazing Jenn Cloud!! Check her out

So it's late morning and I'm so proud of my love making moves for his forth coming album entitled "The Real Love Project." Today he's recording the first promo video for his album. He's recording an acoustic version of one of the songs from the album called "So Into You" I had the amazing opportunity to style him. Ii call his look "Hipster Meets Kenny"

What he's wearing
Jacket: Levi
Infinity Scarf: H and M
Pants: H and M
Shoes: Toms
Leopard print glasses: Urban Outifitters


  1. Love it, girl!! You had your man looking sharp! Thanks for the mention, I just imported all the footage, It won't be long until y'all have this first video, now! :)

  2. JENN!!!! Whooo!! thank you so much! I wanted to link your name to your blog, but I wanted to ask you first. Is that ok?