Monday, May 14, 2012

FRESH FOR LESS: Impress nails!!!! under $10.00

So for those of you who know me, you know that I don't like to fuss with my nails at all! I don't like sitting forever in a nail salon and I also don't like long nail. With all of this being said, i still really like for my nails to look nice. Especially when I go to different events.

I did a YouTube video a few months back about kiss nails and the stickers designs that you can put on your nails. I liked them, but I found that I still had to put nail glue underneath them if I wanted it them to last at least a week. I still like them, but My friend Michele Suazo hipped me to imPress Nails and I love them so much that I have been wearing them for the last couple of weeks!

You find them at Walgreens in a variety of colors and designs for under $10.00.  They are very easy to apply! Just make sure that you read the directions and use the alcohol patch to rub your nails before applying.  I made the mistake of not doing this the first time and the nails didn't stay as long.  I can say that these nails last at least a week! and if one falls off there are enough in the package to do two manicures.  So you can replace them.  I'm really loving these and people are always complementing me on them!... Shout out to my amiga Michele!!!
I just put these on today!!:)
I mixed a print with a solid color
Michele's new set of Impress Nails
These are Michele's nails from a few weeks ago!
Make sure to read the directions!!

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