Friday, May 25, 2012

Boho-tude pt1! How to rock a turban and turban headband

Do you have a boho-tude?!? :  This blog is part one of my boho-tude series and this post focuses solely on head-gear.  . The Boho look has to be one of my favorite looks, because it speaks true to my personality! I am easy going....well I try to be (lol)...and I love to look effortlessly chic! This look is a great go to look for the summer  and is amazing at hiding a difficult hair day! Hear are a few ideas on how to rock the  turban, headband, and scarf Bo-ho style! You can wear your hair pinned up, half up and half down, all the way down, or tucked away...I'm sure there is a look for you!!:) ... So if you're nervous about trying this there are a lot of options! Just pick the one that works best for you!!:)  I made all of the headbands that I'm wearing .  They are super easy to make (i will show you later)!
  ~Xo Moda Christia


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