Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How do you Vintage?

Do you like vintage clothing? How do you incorporate a vintage piece into your modern wardrobe? What is considered vintage? I am here to answer all of these questions in this blog. I have been a thrift shopper for a while, but I have recently gotten into vintage clothing and accessories. I went to an event called "Handmade Happy Hour" a few weeks ago and found some extraordinary vintage pieces. The first two pieces that I found were belts. One is white with gold and black trim while the other is black with gold chains. I was immediately drawn to them and could see myself wearing them a lot. The second two items that i found was a ring and necklace. While talking to the vendor about her pieces she informed me that the necklace was also a top to a perfume bottle and the ring was really a lipstick holder and also a mirror!! SAY WHAT?!? see stuff made over twenty years ago many times had dual functions. Vintage is considered to be more than twenty years old and it's really easy to incorporate some vintage to your modern style.

Here's an interview that I did with Lindsay Pattan. She is a the founder of Miss Ohio Vintage, a traveling vintage boutique. She gives us a sneak peek of great finds in her repertoire!

Here is a peek of my recent vintage finds!

The necklace/perfume bottle top
The lipstick holder/mirror that is now a cool ring!

Dope Street Style!

Paris does vintage oh so sweet! Check her floral print, peek toe shoes and the beautiful flower!

Lisa Does Vintage from head to toe, with floral print and Pearls..Werk it girl!

Davah adds vintage accents to her look, with her purse, vest, and shoes. LOVE!

Jazmyn has incorporated vintage into her look with this rosary necklace and her grandmother's shoes! NOW THAT's VINTAGE!

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